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Philosophy Smart Organic Farming

We are aware that the processes of shaping the agricultural environment take place parallel to the processes of its utilisation and protection in conjunction with fulfilment of different functions of the soil.

An appropriate management of the soil environment is not only aimed at the optimal utilisation of the cultivation potential, but is also motivated by concern about the soil structure.

Sustainable development is defined as “a lasting improvement in the quality of life of present and future generations by developing appropriate proportions between three types of capital: economic, human and natural”.

We have turend a problem into a challenge

A decrease of organic matter in the soil in Poland is a serious problem, but also a challenge. It can only be managed by companies and brands ensuring that the idea of sustainable development is supported by actions.

Recent years have shown an alarming decrease of organic matter in agricultural soils. It stimulates soil vitality and preserves its fertility, so maintaining its prover level is a fundamental matter from the point of view of sustainable farming. Soil deprived of this kind of matter is dead.

Decisive actions must be taken here and now. This is why the Smart Organic Farming series is proud to feature Organic Booster, a highest-quality granulated organic fertiliser, which easily, quickly and effectively increases soil and substrate fertility.

Our goal: ensuring sufficient humus level

Agriculture and ecology

Humic substances are an indispensable factor determining soil fertility. As a specific form of organic matter, humus contributes to plant growth  and development by improving physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.

Environmental protection

Preserving reserves of humus in the soil is important not only in order to maintain its production functions, but also taking into consideration soil’s role in the process of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce the greenhouse effect.

CO2 emission from the soil contributes significantly to the overall balance of emissions by various sectors of economy.

We activate soil with intelligent solutions

Given the progressing specialisation and intensification of agricultural production traditional means of improving soil fertility prove insufficient.

Decreased organic matter and humus content in the soil as well as low activity of its biological life requires application of increasingly intelligent means of production.

Next to traditional methods (crop rotation, aftercrops, crop residue), an important role in shaping the balance of organic matter is played by innovative technological solutions in the form of new and improved products from the organic fertiliser line.

The Smart Organic Farming series is the next big thing on the European market. Care for environmental protection and proper condition of soil is not only a product, but also informational mission.

Join us!

Awareness of the seriousness of the situation and willingness to present ready solutions are the aims of Smart Organic Farming. Having us and future generations in mind, we are starting to act in such a way as to show that SOIL IS THE FOUNDATION.