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Highest quality of Organic Booster

  • Instantaneous availability of nitrogen for plants: one of the outcomes of the composting process is that ammonium nitrogen is converted into organic nitrogen, which remains available for plants and is not released to the atmosphere.
  • Free from pathogens and weed seeds: lack of microbes and weed seeds is ensured by weekly controls and analyses carried out by an independent certified laboratory along the entire supply chain right until the production stage.
  • Easy application with the use of a fertiliser spreader: thanks to the employed processing procedure granules always have uniform size and structure.
  • Safe: the product is pure thanks to verifiable and reliable source of raw materials, composting process and heat treatment (70oC for 1 hour). This encompasses both safety for humans and the natural environment.
  • Recommended for ecological farms: thanks to quality control and a well-thought-out selection of raw materials as well as the Control Union certificate.

What is special about Organic Booster?

Highest-quality raw materials and modern production process
before production all materials are analysed to ensure that the end product is of consistently high quality.

Quick-acting granules
thanks to speedy water absorption. The production process includes an additional stage: prior to formation of granules the product is pulverised, which ensures quicker absorption by the soil. This speeds up the release of nutrients into the soil and their consumption by plants. An additional advantage is that only a small amount of water is needed for a plant to absorb a granule, which is very convenient, in particular in dry areas or in periods of scarce rainfalls.

Positive effects already in the first year of application
instantaneous results within a year from application, instead of after two years as in the case of unprocessed organic fertilisers or varieties processed to a lesser degree – the natural humification process of organic matter in the soil is slow and prolonged.

Increased effectiveness of mineral fertilisers
it improves condition of the soil, which in turn ensures higher efficacy of mineral fertilisers.

The following certificate confirm the high quality of Organic Booster:

Advantages of Organic Booster

  • Manufactured in the Netherlands by experienced specialists in the field of production technology and agricultural engineering of agricultural plants, vegetables, fruit etc.
  • Very popular all around the world: used in more than 65 countries.
  • High content of organic matter.
  • Rich source of humic acids.
  • Supplements soil with considerable amounts of macroand microelements indispensable for proper growth and development of plants.
  • Manufactured using an innovative production process.
  • Free from plant pathogens and weed seeds.
  • Subject to regular controls by veterinary services.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Tested by an independent certified laboratory.
  • Easy application and storage.
  • In the form of perfect, equally sized, permanent and dust-free granules, which guarantees precise spreading.

Benefits from applying Organic Booster

  • Activates biological life in the soil: stimulates growth and multiplication of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Improves soil’s sorption capacity: increases ion retention in the sorption complex in all types of soil, which allows to reduce dosages of mineral fertilisers.
  • Increases resistance to droughts: in the course of granulate decomposition the fertiliser is able to absorb the amount of water corresponding to three times its weight.
  • Improves buffering properties of the soil: regulates and stabilises its pH.
  • Higher plant resistance to varied weather conditions.
  • Enhances thermal properties of the soil, thanks to which it heats up more quickly in spring.
  • Secures the substrate against sealing up and prevents creation of soil crust, which guarantees quick and even plant germination.
  • Counteracts the effects of fens: restores fertility and improves aeration in positions flooded due to heavy rainfalls.

Why choose Organic Booster

Soil and environment quality

  • Improves soil structure.
  • Nutrient delivery.
  • Stimulates biological life in the soil.
  • Locks moisture in the soil.
  • Prevents erosion.
  • Reduces leaching of minerals.
  • Releases elements locked in soil particles.
  • Improves soil temperature growth and aeration.
  • Limits soil contamination with pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Regulates and stabilises soil pH.


Source of organic matter

  • Uniform, constant quality.
  • High content of organic matter (65%).
  • Low carbon-nitrogen ratio leading to nitrogen release.


Easy storage

  • Low humidity facilitates long-term storing in a dry ventilated room without quality loss.
  • Low humidity prevents the product from fermenting in a sack.